Committing To The Stroke - Is Trust Enough?

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Committing To The Stroke - Is Trust Enough?

I often struggle in this part of the game. There are countless times I complete my shot only to say to myself "you weren't committed". For all of us I am sure, there are many things that pass through our minds when contemplating the strategy for the upcoming shot. Everything from the wind and what that is doing, to the lie to the distance to the hole and what club to use. For me it comes down to the indecisiveness on shot selection. All of us face this, but the better golfers somehow seem to be able to make a positive swing and TRUST in their abilities. 

I am fairly comfortable most of the time with what shot I am wanting to play and generally back my ability to make a good swing. Where the wheels can come off for me is the lack of commitment to that stroke. By this I mean that I know what I want to do, I know where I want to hit the ball, but due to indecisiveness I play a poor stroke and end up missing the target wildly and leave a lot of work to do. 

On the contrary, my good shots feel different. I approach the shot with conviction and I swing positively and with fluency. Post shot it is always obvious of course, however it is this feeling I try to replicate. 

What I have been focusing on is, before I play my shot I try to remove the club from the situation. Sounds simple maybe, but I have already pulled the club out of the bag and have addressed the ball. From here, I try not to worry what club I have in my hand and go about playing a full swing. Things such as gripping down, or narrowing stance etc have already happened and I go about playing a full committed stroke, and I have found that this has helped a lot in reducing the amount of bad misses. 

So much of Golf is played between the ears and the physical component is made more difficult by the mental side of the game. For me it was removing the loft of the club and freeing the mind from that helped me make a much improved strike on the ball and ultimately made my misses more manageable if I didn't hit the target.

Try and work out what adds doubt in your game and see if you can do something like I have done to help free the mind and free your swing. Hopefully it can mean that you shave some shots of your scorecard.

Good luck on the course!


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