The Truth About Life of Golf Wedges And When To Replace

The Truth About Life of Golf Wedges And When To Replace

For those who have been playing golf long enough or those who have played enough rounds to notice that the wedges and maybe with more reference to the Wedge you use to escape from bunkers might be looking a little average. 

The image below is classic of probably what sits in a lot of bags around the world. Now whilst it may seem that shots still go in the air nicely and play from bunkers seems to be going ok for you as well, the reality is the performance of the old gem isn't what is was.

Worn Golf Wedge Golf Club

As you can see by this image a lot of cuts and abrasions are now present and in particular we can really see the grooves, especially low on the face are dull and pretty much rounded off. This is the true issue of why performance will diminish.

The grooves on Golf Clubs generally are designed to bite into the golf ball at impact and compress with the ground which in turn produces the spin that is ultimately imparted on the Golf Ball. This certainly isn't the only way spin is generated but is certainly a major player. If we look at the grooves high on the face we can see the grooves are clean and still have a nice sharp edge to those grooves. These will really grab that ball nicely and give it maximum opportunity to impart the spin we need from our Wedges. As the grooves run blunt and dull the clubs ability to grab that ball properly are affected. 

Groove wear over time Stinger Golf Wedge

If you happen to notice that over time your approach shots start skipping through the green you might want to consider changing up your Wedges for a new set. The graph above is indicative only but provides a scale of how over time spin and launch angle diminish. We haven't talked much about launch angle in this blog post, but basically if the lower grooves aren't catching the ball like they should the ball will transition higher up the club face and will ever so slightly start launching higher which will effect spin and control you have over your short game shots.

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