Product Care

The life of your Golf equipment can often be determined by how well you look after it. Below we have set out some very important tips to ensure both quality and longevity are maximized from your Stinger Golf Products.

  1. Ensure that clubs are cleaned between use. Dirt and debris left of clubs can cause damage to the club face if we continue to hit shots without a clean face. A great example I see of this is when we are playing out of sand traps and don't properly clean all the sand off after use and then hit a big fairway shot and this can leave damage to the face as the ball interacts with the sand....easy way to do carnage to the face of your club. 
  2. Wipe equipment down after the round. Applies furthermore to wet Golf rounds. Oxidization (rust) can start to form after a period of time if the equipment isn't properly dried after rounds or left in a place when moisture is present. 
  3. If you have head covers ensure these are used. Simple coming together of clubs in the Golf bag can cause damage to your shafts and in particular, your longer clubs such as the Driver. ALWAYS use your head covers. 
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